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FRIGO KLIMA AEVE – ATHANASIADIS SA has been established in Athens Greece in 1960 as a national wholesaler, agent and distributor of a variety of products in the fields of Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Ventilation.

Our company over these years has seen a constant growth to become one of the biggest and most well respected wholesalers in the Greek and Balkan neighboring countries.

An indication of our successful course is that recently our company has been included in the 400 financially strongest companies of Greece by ICAP (for more information, click here and please enter our VAT number: 094460747)

Currently we keep in stock more than 10.000 different products coming from world’s leading manufacturers which we distribute through our national network of 5 outlets all around Greece.

With modern logistics and specialized staff we provide sales and technical support to our customers. We keep a well-trained and experienced team of engineers in order to support the after sales service.

Our ISO9001:2008 certification is another proof of our high quality services.

We are acting as the exclusive agent and main distributor for many very well-known companies from all over the world.

Our main suppliers are the following:

GEA-BOCK: Semi-Hermetic and Open type compressors and condensing units. We are exclusive agents and distributors for Greece and Cyprus for more than 30 years.

LUVATA-ECO: Condensers, Evaporators and coils. We are exclusive distributors for Greece for more than 20 years.

ONDA: Water cooled evaporators & condensers, Air products. Our company is the exclusive distributors for Greece.

BRISTOL COMPRESSOR USA: HVAC compressors. We are exclusive distributors for Greece.

GVN: Receivers, Accumulators, Oil controls and receivers etc. We are exclusive distributors for Greece.

Danfoss & Maneurop: We are the main distributor of the complete range of Danfoss products for Greece. In 2008 we have been awarded by Danfoss as their biggest in turnover distributor in Greece for the period of 1998-2007.

Henry Technologies - AC&R: Compressor protection components. We are their main distributor for Greece.

Cubigel: Compressors and Condensing units. We are their main distributor for Greece.

Parker-Sporlan: Controls and components for refrigeration. We are their main distributor for Greece.

Castel: Components for HVAC. We are authorized distributor for Greece.

Swep: Plate heat exchangers. We are their main distributor for Greece.

Ziehl-Abegg: Fans and Blowers. We are one of their main distributors for Greece.

EBM-Papst: Fans and Blowers. We are one of their distributors for Greece.

RPM: Electrical motors. We are their main distributor for Greece.

General Electric: Fan motors for HVAC applications

Mars: Components and tools for HVAC applications.

Mastercool: HVAC tools.

Refco: HVAC tools and components.

Cliplight: Leak detection and sealing tools.

Uniweld: Soldering, welding and HVAC tools and components.

Panasonic rotary compressors: Rotary compressors for A/C applications

SIAM (Mitsubishi Electric compressors): Rotary & Scroll compressors for A/C applications

Sanyo Scroll compressors: Scroll compressors for HVAC applications

Halcor: Copper tubes for refrigeration and air conditioning.

ISOPIPE: Tube insulation for HVAC.

Refflex: Plastic hoses and fittings.

ALCO: HVAC Controls and components

Ranco: HVAC Controls and components

Harris: Soldering and welding tools and consumables.

Sanden: Automotive compressors. We are their main distributor for Greece.

Seltec, Denso, Delphi: Automotive A/C compressors.

Manulli: Fittings and hoses for automotive A/C and refrigeration.

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   24 October 2016

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